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I can find no better builder or better person to work with,” Winkelman told me recently.

Nate’s cup is more than half full, for sure, and it shows in his way of proactively offering solutions whenever he encounters a problem. This is the sign of a truly collaborative builder.”

Winkelman added, “His love of craft gets him – gets us – into all sorts of very good trouble.”

Discussion with Will Winkleman, architect, excerpted from Maine Home & Design, July 2015

Trenton, Maine

Nate Holyoke Builders uses this facility to save time and control quality. Many aspects of the building process, such as the framing and complicated exterior trim details, can be performed in a controlled environment. Nate Holyoke Builders also constructs timber frames in this spacious 17,000 square foot shop.

We also use this space to build actual size mock-ups of building details, as requested by architects and owners.

Nate Holyoke Warehouse
Nate Holyoke Warehouse
Nate Holyoke Warehosue
Nate Holyoke Warehosue

Tiny House

This is a project Nate Holyoke Builders performed to test the imagination of the Tiny House Movement. Our 320 square foot home was designed to be self sustainable and off-the-grid. It has solar panels with a battery system that can maintain the daily usage of electricity. Walls are all spray foamed. Energy efficient windows assure the minimal use of fuel. Furniture and beds are custom built and the craftsmanship is to the highest standards.

Tiny House